Liturgical Resources

The following items are appendices from Aiming to Please: A Guide to Reformed Worship.  They are all supplied here as Microsoft Word files so other pastors can modify them for their own use.

Appendix 1 — Liturgical Helps

This document is something I put together for myself to help in preparing to lead in public worship.  It includes suggested calls to worship, assurances of pardon, psalm and hymn selections, etc.

Appendix 2 — Regular Items for Thanksgiving and Intercessory Prayer

This is something I use to organize my leading in congregational prayer.

Appendix 3 — Supervised Lord’s Supper Celebration Policy

Our church includes this on our liturgy sheet on Sundays when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper

Appendix 4 — Psalm and Hymn Selections Related to the Heidelberg Catechism

Appendix 5 — Psalm and Hymn Selections Related to Days of Commemoration