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Abraham Kuyper: Larger than Life

Kuyper’s Legacy: For Better and For Worse

Guy de Brès and the Apocrypha

De Brès versus Richardot: A Sixteenth-Century Debate Regarding the Lord’s Supper

The Sad Case of Francesco Spiera — published in Clarion 59.20

Review of Desiring the Kingdom (Smith) — unpublished

Review of Getting the Reformation Wrong (Payton) — published in Christian Renewal 29.4

Ten Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and Evil — co-authored, published in Clarion 59.1

Preaching the Canons of Dort — published in the March 2007 issue of Diakonia

Psalm-singing Churches? — published in Clarion 58.10-12

A Heart Aflame with Zeal (letter from Guido de Bres to his mother) — published in Clarion 58.21-22

God: the Architect of Evil? — published in Clarion 58.16-17

Review of Concise Reformed Dogmatics (Van Genderen and Velema) — published in Diakonia (December 2009).

I Can Lie to Myself – Self-Deception and Apologetics – published in Clarion 58.8-9

The Martyrdom of Guido de Bres – published in Clarion 54.5

A Reformation Martyr Comforts His Wife – published in Clarion 57.22

De Bres vs. Simons: A Sixteenth Century Debate that Still Matters – published in Clarion Year-end 2008

Are Christians Sinners or Not? — published in Clarion 57.14, 57.15, & 57.16

Continuing Education — A Pressing Need — published in Diakonia 20.1 (June 2006)