Lord’s Day 52

Eric Kampen

We finish our prayer unsure of ourselves but absolutely sure of our Father

  1. Most unsure of ourselves we ask: lead us not into temptation
  2. Absolutely sure of our Father we end with doxology and Amen

Scripture reading: James 1:1-18

W. B. Slomp

The Lord teaches us to trust him in the midst of a world full of temptations

We must:

  1. Withstand the lure of Satan
  2. Persevere in the midst of trials
  3. Be assured of God’s listening ear

Scripture reading: James 1:1-18

H. Kalkman

God’s children cry to their father from the midst of the battle

  1. A cry for help against their enemies
  2. A cry of a certain and a glorious victory

Scripture reading: John 15

Wes Bredenhof

Our Lord Jesus teaches us to end our prayer with:

  1. A confession of our weakness
  2. A confession of God’s sovereign might and majesty
  3. A confession of faith

Scripture reading: John 15

Our Saviour teaches us to end our prayers in hope

We do this:

  1. Despite our enemies
  2. Trusting our King
  3. Confident our prayer has been heard

Scripture reading: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Our Master teaches Christian soldiers to pray

We’re taught to pray:

  1. To know ourselves
  2. To know our enemies
  3. To know our God

Scripture reading: Ephesians 6:10-20

C. Bouwman

Jesus instructs us to ask Father not to test us because we can’t handle temptation

  1. Where temptations come from
  2. Why we ask for no temptations
  3. What the consequences of the prayer are

C. Stam

Christ teaches the church of the latter days to pray for the perseverance of the saints

  1. The ultimate petition of the church
  2. The final certainty of the church

Scripture reading: 2 Thessalonians 2

C. Van Spronsen

In God’s strength we will overcome

  1. Who and what is against us
  2. Who is for us
  3. The certain victory

R. H. Bremmer

Your only comfort in the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer

  1. The final petition of our prayer
  2. The final basis of our prayer
  3. The final word of our prayer

Scripture reading: James 1:1-16

J. Kok

Our fellowship with Christ in the spiritual warfare

  1. Through faith
  2. In prayer
  3. To victory

Jesus Christ and the conclusion of our prayer

  1. He teaches us to pray for strength
  2. He calls us to trust the Father
  3. He guarantees a hearing for our prayers

K. Dijk

The last sounds of the confession of the only comfort

  1. Its sounds of prayer
  2. Its sounds of adoration

Scripture reading: Romans 8:31-39

The conclusion of the section on thankfulness

Here we say:

  1. Who we are to God
  2. Who God is to us

The end of the prayer is the prayer for the end

  1. In our redemption
  2. In the Father’s majesty