Lord’s Day 45

Wes Bredenhof

The one true God commands his thankful people to pray

We will see that there is:

  1. A profound need for prayer
  2. A proper attitude for prayer
  3. A perfect model for prayer

Scripture readings:  2 Samuel 7, Matthew 6:5-15

How to pray so that God is pleased and hears us

We need a:

  1. Proper address
  2. Proper self-assessment
  3. Proper faith

Scripture reading:  1 Kings 8:22-53

Getting a grip on prayer

  1. Why we need to pray
  2. How we are to pray
  3. What we ought to pray for

Scripture reading:  James 5

C. Stam

(QA 116)

Our confession that prayer is essential to the life of Christians

  1. For the glorification of God’s Name
  2. For the perseverance of the saints

Scripture reading:  Psalm 29

(QA 117-119)

The assurance of our confession that God does in Christ respond to the prayers of his children

  1. The fact of this response
  2. The manner of this response
  3. The conditions for this response

Scripture readings:  Matthew 7:7-12, James 1:1-18

R.H. Bremmer

The prayer that is pleasing to God

  1. Why we pray
  2. How we pray
  3. What we pray

Scripture reading:  Daniel 9-19

B. Holwerda

The prayer of the Christian

  1. The necessity
  2. The requirements
  3. The content

Scripture reading:  Luke 11:1-13

J. Kok

The necessity of prayer

  1. God demands it
  2. The Christian needs it

Scripture reading:  Luke 11:9-13


  1. Two-fold reason for prayer
  2. Two-fold characteristic of prayer
  3. Two-fold basis of prayer
  4. Two-fold content of prayer

Scripture reading:  Matthew 4:10

Reuben Bredenhof

“Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer!”

  1. You are my God
  2. I am poor and needy
  3. Preserve my life
  4. You will answer me

Scripture reading:  Psalm 86

John Ludwig

In the covenant of grace God assures us that he will hear our prayers

We must, however, follow his:

  1. Prerequisites for a pleasing prayer
  2. Petitions for a pleasing prayer

Scripture readings:  Isaiah 66:1-4, Hebrews 4:14-16

K. Dijk

Prayer is approaching the throne of God

  1. In an open way
  2. To a throne of grace

Scripture reading:  none provided in original source

Our prayer – the most important part of thankfulness

  1. Why is this the case?
  2. How does this come to expression? 

Scripture reading:  Matthew 6:5-15