Lord’s Day 23

Reuben Bredenhof

We are called to live by faith alone

  1. In God
  2. To his glory
  3. For our salvation

Scripture readings: Hebrews 11:1-16, 1 John 5



  1. The value
  2. The cause
  3. The possibility
  4. The necessity

God is the one who justifies

  1. In spite of all the accusations
  2. Only in Christ
  3. And through faith.

The great trial

  1. The guilty
  2. The judge
  3. The verdict

The justification of sinners

  1. Revealed in the gospel
  2. Carried out by God
  3. Guaranteed in Christ
  4. Understood and accepted through faith

Wes Bredenhof

God’s free gifts in Christ are received only through faith

Those free gifts are:

  1. Christ’s perfect satisfaction
  2. Christ’s perfect righteousness
  3. Christ’s perfect holiness

The justification of the ungodly: a real-life courtroom drama

We’ll consider:

  1. The Judge
  2. The accused
  3. The defense
  4. The verdict

Scripture reading: Romans 3:1-26

The biblical gospel of justification

  1. The necessity of justification
  2. The basis of justification
  3. The instrument of justification

Scripture reading: Philippians 3

G. VanPopta

The glorious gospel of righteousness and life everlasting

  1. Given by grace only
  2. Received by faith only

C. Stam

The unique confession that righteousness is only through faith in Christ

  1. The gift of righteousness in Christ
  2. The way to righteousness through faith


What you have in justifying faith

We see:

  1. A sharp indictment
  2. A surprising acquittal
  3. The faith which accepts this acquittal 


Justification from faith to faith

  1. The righteousness of God which is revealed.
  2. The gospel wherein this revelation is given.
  3. The faith through which this revelation is given to us


What do I have in my faith?

  1. Before God I am righteous
  2. Before God I am an heir