Lord’s Day 2

Clarence Stam

To know the joy of faith, we must first know our misery out of the Law of God

We see the law as

  1. Revealed by God the Father
  2. Summarized by God the Son
  3. Applied by God the Spirit

Wes Bredenhof

The law of God gives us some really bad news

  1. The function of the law    
  2. The focus of the law
  3. The fulfillment of the law                     

R.H. Bremmer

I am a sinner                       

  1. God’s law discovers that in me
  2. That still pierces Christ
  3. I acknowledge that for myself.

K. Dijk

Our misery revealed through the Law

  1. In what way?
  2. With what result?

The Spirit of God leads us to the knowledge of our misery, because

  1. He discovered God’s law in us
  2. He discovered us in God’s law.

How do I come to the true knowledge of misery?

  1. The answer comes from God’s Law
  2. The answer comes through God’s Spirit

Reuben Bredenhof

By God’s law we are pointed from death to life

  1. The law’s demand                   
  2. The law’s verdict            
  3. The law’s fulfillment               

B. Holwerda

The thankfulness of the redeemed in the confession of their misery                                              

Because they confess their misery, believing in

  1. God the Father and our creation.
  2. God the Son and our redemption
  3. God the Holy Spirit and our sanctification.

J. Kok

Through the law comes the knowledge of misery

  1. The light of the law shows us our misery
  2. The demand of the law describes the greatness of our misery
  3. The transgression of the law proves our misery.

Three questions for miserable people:

  1. The first question:  Are you personally miserable?
  2. The second question:  What is the demand of the law?
  3. The third question:  What is your relationship to the law?