Lord’s Day 11

C. Stam

The confession of the Christian church that Jesus is the only Saviour

  1. The depth of this confession
  2. The rejection of this confession
  3. The consequence of this confession

B. Holwerda

We must know who Jesus is and what salvation is

  1. Radical
  2. Total
  3. Fatal

J. Meijer

What the LORD reveals in the name Jesus to the church of all ages

  1. Regarding himself, the God of the covenant
  2. Regarding the Mediator of the covenant
  3. Regarding the people of the covenant

W. Bredenhof

We confess the significance of the Name ‘Jesus’

We will see the Name’s significance in that it was:

  1. Given by the Father
  2. Borne by the Son
  3. Revealed by the Holy Spirit

Scripture readings:  Matthew 1:18-24, Acts 4:1-12

The gospel promises that Jesus is my only and complete Saviour

We’ll learn about how he delivers us from our sworn enemies:

  1. The devil
  2. The world
  3. Our own flesh

Scripture readings: Galatians 5:16-26, Ephesians 6:10-20

C. Bouwman

God is our Father because Jesus is our Saviour

  1. This reality determines what we do with all our problems
  2. This reality is rooted in God’s gift of his Son.
  3. This reality drives us daily back to God

R.H. Bremmer

The exalted name of Jesus

  1. It is fully Israelite
  2. It was borne by the Son of God
  3. It compels one to make a choice [dwingt tot positiekeus]

Arthur Van Delden

When you need help, call upon Jesus

  1. Jesus is our all-in-one Helper
  2. Jesus is our only Helper

H. Vander Kam

Jesus the Saviour

  1. Our need
  2. His blessedness
  3. His unique claim

J. Kok

Faith in the name Jesus

  1. Faith knows the Redeemer
  2. Faith knows the redemption
  3. Faith knows the redeemed

The Son of God reveals himself as Jesus

  1. The love which compels him
  2. The salvation which he brings
  3. The requirement which he places before us

Reuben Bredenhof

Jesus is presented as the only Saviour

  1. The Father approves of him
  2. Sinners must accept him

Scripture reading: Luke 9:18-45