Weerakoon: Transgender Ideologues ‘Assign’ Sex

25 October 2023 by Wes Bredenhof

“…in a deep and tragic irony, transgender ideologues classify a child as a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ based on the very stereotypes, preferences, mannerisms and behaviours they claim to fight against!

Transgender ideology says that if a child behaves according to the stereotypes assigned by society to a particular sex, then the child must be that sex, regardless of their biology.  If a child dislikes toys stereotypically associated with their sex and prefers toys, games or activities usually preferred by the other sex, or if a child enjoys dressing up and acting in playtime as the other sex, or if a child prefers playing with the other sex, gender revolutionaries insist that the child is the other sex – a ‘trans child,’ irrespective of biology.  In this way, they show themselves to be even more enslaved to rigid gender stereotypes than people of previous eras. 

Transgender ideologues, then, not medical practitioners, are ones who ‘assign’ a sex to children.  Medical practitioners recognize a child’s sex at birth; transgender ideologues seek to override this biological reality with a sex assigned on the basis of behaviour.”

The Gender Revolution, p.97