In the last week I’ve shared the following links on social media (see here for my Facebook author page) and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

Court Rules Elephant Does Not Have Rights

For a court to even consider this question boggles the mind. And what about unborn human beings? If they’re unwanted, they’re treated like so much medical waste. That’s wicked.

What is a Woman?

Jon Dykstra reviews the popular new Matt Walsh documentary. I watched it a few days ago — it’s disturbing, but necessary viewing. That said, Jon’s criticism is bang on. Another friend recommended In His Image as a better, biblical alternative. I only watched about 30 minutes of it. Some good stuff, but it pushes a fair bit of Arminian theology. So, take your pick: a documentary with no explicitly biblical perspective or one with a somewhat flawed biblical perspective.

Is Rick Warren Right About Gift vs. Office?

There’s a big stink going on in the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States over women in office. Right in the middle of it is Rick Warren. Denny Burk examines one of Warren’s arguments for women being able to preach in the church.

The Binding of Satan

Rev. Kim Riddlebarger (United Reformed Churches): “To summarize, amillennarians understand the binding of Satan to be a present reality, while premillennarians see this scene as an entirely future event. In this essay, I will consider and evaluate the biblical background to John’s vision and then respond to the premillennial challenge, “when and how is Satan is bound?” And “why is there so much evil in the world if he is?” These are two important questions which merit response.”

We’re being gaslit: Drag shows are not for kids

I’m going to call this exactly what it is: wicked child abuse. A world that’s so much against sexual abuse looks the other way when it involves drag queens.


Some have asked whether we shall know one another in heaven. Surely our knowledge will not be diminished, but increased. The judgment of Luther and Anselm and many other divines is that we shall know one another; yea, the saints of all ages, whose faces we never saw; and, when we shall see the saints in glory without their infirmities of pride and passion, it will be a glorious sight.

Thomas Watson