Canadian Reformed Synod 2010 (16)

27 May 2010 by Wes Bredenhof

The Synod is over, but it may be a couple of days before we have all the Acts in hand.  Right now the Acts on the website are current up to Day 10 (Monday May 24).  Before giving the highlights, just let me mention what one of the commenters reported in a previous post.  Regarding the issue of women’s voting, she writes, “I can tell you that Synod ruled that women are not prohibited by Scripture to vote for office-bearers, and therefore should be included in the voting process. However the church councils will be left free to implement this ruling as they see fit.”

Now, on to the highlights from Monday May 24:

  • The proposal of Regional Synod East regarding theological students was adopted.  This means that classical needy student funds are going to be disbanded.  A church in the locale of the seminary has been appointed to take over the care of needy theological students.  I don’t yet know which church has been appointed.
  • Langley’s proposal for a fifth professor was discussed, but instead of adopting it, it was forwarded to the Board of Governors for their consideration.
  • Hamilton’s appeal regarding the addition of the Apostles’ Creed to the Forms for Baptism was denied.  That means that the Creed will remain out of the form.  However, local churches do have the freedom to include the Creed with baptism if they wish.

3 responses to “Canadian Reformed Synod 2010 (16)”

  1. Gerard says:

    Do you know what was decided with regards to the Book of Praise and what is going to be done with things such as the Revised Psalms and the new hymns?

  2. Thea says:

    The revised BofP has to be tested in worship services for three more years with the plan to approve it for production in 2013. Not all the hymns were approved, but I have no idea which ones they were. Sorry.

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