Letter from CanRC Synod 2010 to URCNA Synod 2010

1 June 2010 by Wes Bredenhof

I’m going to have more on the last day of Synod later on (probably tomorrow).  However, I did want to share this one item from Wednesday May 26.  This is the letter that was written by our Synod and adopted to be sent to the URCNA Synod in London in July.  It’s a brotherly cri du coeur.

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  1. Mike de Groot says:

    Hi Rev Bredenhof – I thought I read that synod had also decided to ask the URCNA synod to clarify point 6 of the “9 points” and also provide their view of the Framework Hypothesis. Would that be done by seperate letters or how will that be done??


    • The Framework Hypothesis issue is closed, according to the CanRC Synod 2010. However, you are correct about the Nine Points. It was decided that the URCNA Synod would be asked to clarify the status of the Nine Points. I’m not sure how that is to be done, but since it isn’t in the letter, I think it will be communicated by our fraternal delegates.

      • Steve Swets says:

        FYI, there are a couple of overtures coming to the URC synod dealing with the nine points. One overtures asks for the 9 points to be retracted, another asks for a definition of pastoral advice, another gives a list of definitions for things like “pastoral advice.”

        It does seem, in my opinion, from the URC side, their is a realization of extra-confessional binding.

        Rev. Bredenhof, I know you wrote some excellent articles on that topic, but I trust we would agree that there is a bad type of extra confessional binding.


  2. George van Popta says:

    Too bad about the grammatical error:

    “As a relatively new federation, we can benefit from your drive, enthusiasm and boldness to take the Reformed faith into new areas and places as evidenced by your numerous church plants.”

  3. Baus says:

    So… Wes, has there been a URC Synod reply to this letter ?

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