Official information only comes slowly out of Burlington.  Thankfully, we have Facebook and an eye-witness report of what happened last night.  It’s not official, so all the usual disclaimers apply.  The witness reports that last night the Synod decided to give at least an hour to discussion with the URCNA delegates.  This discussion is apparently scheduled to take place on Wednesday evening.  A decision was reportedly also made to send two delegates to the URCNA Synod in London in July.  It sounds like the hope is that a reciprocal discussion will take place there.  Will an uber-short URCNA Synod be able to find time for a meaningful discussion?  I sure hope so.

The same observer reported that the Coaldale and Attercliffe appeals regarding NAPARC were turned down.  The appeal of Burlington-Ebenezer regarding Lord’s Supper to shut-ins was also discussed.  Apparently it has to do with some of the wording of the decision of Synod Smithers in its considerations, specifically the notion that this is a living issue in the churches.  It sounds like the appeal was turned down.

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