Canadian Reformed General Synod (5)

14 May 2010 by Wes Bredenhof

According to the website, the following matters are being addressed this morning:

Appeal Coaldale against article 140 Smithers re: NAPARC
Appeal Attercliffe against article 140 Smithers re: NAPARC
Appeals from Church at Toronto and Burlington Ebenezer  re: article 96 Administering Lord’s Supper to Shut-ins
Appeal Attercliffe against article 83 Smithers Letter
Attercliffe re: SCBP change to Acts of Synod 2007
Letter Winnipeg Redeemer correcting article 111 of Smithers

The NAPARC and Lord’s Supper appeals sound interesting.  Are they appealing against CanRC membership in NAPARC?  That would be sad.  Are the other two  churches appealing against administering the Lord’s Supper to shut-ins?  That would be sad too.  I have an article queued up for Clarion on that second issue, specifically on the approach of Guido de Bres.  He addressed this in passing in his debate with Francois Richardot.  I’m waiting to submit the article until I find out what Synod 2010 does on this.

UPDATE @4:15 PM EST:  I received an e-mail informing me that the appeal of Coaldale is not against membership in NAPARC but has to do with transfers of membership between NAPARC churches.  According to the website, this appeal is back up for further discussion this evening.

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