This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

The Soundtrack of Heaven

Tim Challies writes about the little things that can contribute to our Christian walk.

Worthy: the Worship of God

I recently finished reading and reviewing this new book by Nathan Eshelman. My review will be published later (in Clarion and then here), but let me just say that this is a great little introduction to Reformed worship. I highly recommend it.

Normalizing LGBTQ pornography

We need to be talking about this. Pastors, elders, parents, teachers: wake up. Lesbian/bisexual behaviour amongst young people might be only the tip of the iceberg…

Don’t Forget About Nigerian Christians

A good reminder from Samuel Sey to remember the persecuted in Africa.


Christian, Don’t Suppress Your Identity!

“I once heard a radio program about call center workers in India. North American companies often contract out their call center work to cheap labour in India. However, many North Americans get annoyed and agitated when they call that number and then hear someone who’s obviously from India. So many call center workers suppress their Indian identity as part of their work. They take extensive training to get rid of their Indian accent, they adopt American accents, take a Western name, adopt a Western diet and so on. So when you call that number, Jim who sounds like he’s from Boston might really be Raj from Mumbai.”

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