I Recommend — Podcasts

21 February 2020 by Wes Bredenhof

School recently started up here again in Australia.  This year I’m spending 45+ minutes each morning bringing our daughters to school.  At first I looked at that as a bit of a drag, but then I realized it’s actually a huge opportunity.  I can use this time for listening to some great podcasts.  Let me recommend the following to you:

The White Horse Inn

I’ve been listening to the WHI off and on for a long time (since the early 2000s).  This past week, they had a great interview with Adam Duker, a comparative religions professor.  WHI is available on Spotify and other platforms.

Abounding Grace

Pastor Chris Gordon is a long-time friend and colleague of mine.  He presently pastors the Escondido United Reformed Church in California.  AG has been running for years (I used to participate in the Friday programs when Chris was in Lynden and I was in Langley — good times!).  A program that stood out for me this week was this one on “Christian myths and other famous quips.”  Does “God help those who help themselves”?  Is God a “gentleman”?  Check it out.

Christ the Center

CTC tends to be a bit weightier than the other programs I’m mentioning.  But it’s good to be challenged and stretch yourself intellectually.  CTC often has interesting topics and sometimes controversial guests.  This past week, I enjoyed their interview with Dr. David Van Drunen about his forthcoming book, Politics and Christendom.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary Round-Table

This podcast (available on Spotify) features MARS professors in discussion on topics they teach at the seminary.  Just this morning, I enjoyed this interview with Rev. Danny Patterson, who teaches introductory Christian counselling.  There’s some good conversation there, especially about the use of medication.