New Building for Providence CanRC (Hamilton)

14 September 2010 by Wes Bredenhof

As many of you know, my church (Providence CanRC) recently moved into our new building.  This building presently belongs to the Netherlands Reformed Church of Hamilton, but we take possession of it on October 1.  We’re currently sharing the building with them.  Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some pictures.

6 responses to “New Building for Providence CanRC (Hamilton)”

  1. Tom Skerritt says:

    Very nice. Does it have a true pipe organ?

  2. Congratulation, Wes. It looks like a lovely building. I’m very happy for Providence Church.

  3. Tom Skerritt says:

    I’m sure the Netherlands Reformed would really go for a honky tonk organ.

  4. George Helder says:

    Maybe a pipe organ can be a future project!?
    BTW Netherlands Reformed Congregation is how they identify themselves actually 🙂
    I know they are a product of the Seccession, but ado you know anything about their history and reasons for remaining separate?

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