Get to Know Our Missionaries (5)

2 October 2009 by Wes Bredenhof

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the work of the Maranatha CanRC in northeastern Brazil.  The Cornerstone church in Hamilton has also been involved with mission work in this region since 1988.  This work is supported by numerous churches in Ontario.  Today, the Rev. A. de Graaf works in the Maceio area (Maceio and Village Campestre).  Together with his wife Celia (a Brazilian national), he’s been there since 1998.  The work in Maceio is getting close to the point of institution.  As in other locales with Reformed churches, the parents of the IRB in Maceio have also established a school, Escola Crista Joao Calvino.  The Igrega Reformada do Brasil em Maceio has a website in Portuguese here.  The Cornerstone church in Hamilton has English information about the mission work on their website here.  There’s also information about the Escola Crista Joao Calvino over here.

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