Get to Know Our Missionaries (8)

7 October 2009 by Wes Bredenhof

Today we look at a unique partnership that exists between the Owen Sound Canadian Reformed Church and l’Eglise Chretienne Reformee de Beauce in Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec.  For quite a number of years, the Canadian Reformed Churches have had ecumenical relations with l’Eglise Reformee du Quebec (the Reformed Church of Quebec — ERQ).  This relationship finally developed into one of full ecclesiastical fellowship at our last synod in 2007.  However, since about 2001, the Owen Sound congregation has been supporting the outreach work of Rev. Paulin Bedard in Saint-Georges de Beauce.  The ERQ congregation there has a pastor (Mario Veilleux) who takes care of the regular pastoral work as well as outreach and evangelism, while Rev. Bedard devotes most of his efforts to education and training.  One of his projects is translating and editing a magazine entitled Lumiere Sur Mon Sentier (Light On My Path).  If you can read French, you can find issues here.  Together with many other Canadian Reformed churches, Owen Sound provides much of the financial support that makes Rev. Bedard’s work possible.  While he is not officially a missionary of the Canadian Reformed churches, his work is certainly near and dear to many of us.  May God bless his efforts for the gospel in Quebec!

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