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Now on to the links that I shared on my Facebook page this past week:

Top 5 Heresies Among American Evangelicals

This is deplorable. But: “let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” (1 Cor. 10:12). If you go to the Ligonier State of Theology website itself (here), you can survey your own church. We did this a couple of years ago and it highlighted a couple of areas of concern.

The Public Conversation on the Poison of Porn is Visibly Shifting

Sometimes light breaks through just a little bit.

Michigan’s Bloodsucking Parasite Is Britain’s Royal Delicacy

Enjoy the meat here, but spit out those 360 million year old bones.

10 Reasons to Oppose Decriminalization of Sex Buying, Pimping, and Brothel Keeping

Who really benefits from the decriminalization of prostitution? Follow the money.

A Valley of Conquerors

There’s often so much negativity and bad news. Here’s a great story to encourage you from British Columbia’s Bulkley Valley. God is doing wonderful things there!

Russia, Ukraine, and the Fogs of Culture War

Jonathon Van Maren: “But the core facts remain indisputable: Russia invaded Ukraine. Regardless of their grievances—historical, political, or otherwise—they have no right to invade another sovereign nation. The Russian military is in Ukraine; the Ukrainian military is not in Russia. There is a clear aggressor and a clear victim.”


You are a Disciple

“…it seems like Reformed people seldom if ever think of themselves as disciples. They rarely refer to themselves as disciples. Why is that?”