How Can You Help the Ukrainian Church?

28 February 2022 by Wes Bredenhof

Yesterday at church, before the morning service, our deacons were asking about concrete ways that we might help in Ukraine. Today I received a phone call from a deacon from a different congregation asking the same thing. Of course, we can and should be praying. But there are organizations that could use our donations so they can be our hands and feet on the ground. Let me share a couple worth recommending:

Come Over and Help — a North American-based Reformed relief ministry

Barnabas Fund — an evangelical organization that normally assists persecuted Christians

I will leave the comment section open for this post. If anyone knows of other organizations helping the Ukrainian Church, please let us all know.

10 responses to “How Can You Help the Ukrainian Church?”

  1. Ray Kroeze says:

    Hi Wes, this is an organisation that we have supported in the past, and one that my mother in law regularly donates to:

  2. dizno says:

    The Protestant Reformed Church of Central and Eastern Europe is a very faithful church that one should consider. They have two churches in the Ukraine. They are also helping with refugees on the Hungarian side where they also have churches.

  3. P.Diklstra says:

    Our churches DGK have churchcontact with reformed churches in Oekraine(Sub Karpatia) The contact goes via the church in Opeinde.
    Theu made a foundation called ERE.
    Maybe also a good goal for reformed believers

  4. John Lanting says:

    The Protestant Reformed Church of Central and Eastern Europe has two congregations in the Ukraine. Some of them are now in Hungary at the church in Miscolc. Others remain in Ukraine. As you can imagine they desire your prayers and support. (Imre Szoke, pastor in Miscolc, HU)

    • John Lanting says:

      I had the name wrong as pointed out below. It is the RPCCEE. My wife is from this church and over the years I have had the joy of singing with them as they are very similar to us. They sing many of the same psalms (except in Hungarian) we do with our Genevan tunes, and are very similar to us in so many ways.

  5. Ryan Vandriel says:

    Good morning,
    Another good one is International Christian Response ( They are actively involved in Ukraine.

  6. Baus says:

    Wes, yes, the RPCCEE (or KKERPE) these congregations are taking in many refugees, and could use our support!

  7. Stephen 't Hart says:

    European Mission Fellowship, an Evangelical and Reformed Mission, have missionaries in the area who are assisting Ukrainian refugees.

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