It’s Saturday evening and I’m really looking forward to Sunday tomorrow. It’ll be our first mask-free worship services in a couple of months. I know many of you have put up with that for a lot longer than we have here — I feel for you. Still, people here are relieved to have life returning to normal. Wherever you are, I hope you’re experiencing the same, or will soon. May God bless all of his people richly with the Word of life tomorrow.

In today’s edition of I Recommend, most of the links pertain to the war in Ukraine. I’m really disappointed to see some folks take the side of Russia in this. Ukraine is close to my heart; I spoke at a conference there in 2011. Ukraine is a sovereign nation with a democratically elected government — how can you justify an attack against such a nation? Whatever other failings it may have, there’s far more freedom of religion in Ukraine than in Russia. Anyway, here are the links I’ve shared on social media this past week:

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein reveals he is a victim of child sexual abuse

This is my only non-Ukraine link for you this week. It takes courage to admit that publicly. Hopefully it emboldens others who’ve experienced this horrible trauma in their lives.

Should Reformed Christians Be Supporting Putin?

Andrew Webb explains why Russia’s cause is not only unjust, but also unfavourable to the gospel and gospel-preaching churches.

Vladimir Putin, A Friend to Christian Morality and Conservative Culture?

You can always count on Albert Mohler to be sober-minded in his analysis. This was from an episode of The Briefing (a podcast I highly recommend, BTW) this past week. You can listen to it or read a transcript.

Ukrainian firm offers $1 mln per captured or surrendered Russian military plane

Ukraine wages war smart, Russia not so much.

How to Avoid Misinformation and Disinformation Online

Patrick Miller from The Gospel Coalition with some tips on discerning truth from error.