Over the sessions from last night and today so far we’ve discussed a number of topics. There was some initial rounds of discussion on a report regarding the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Southern Presbyterian Church — this matter has now gone to an advisory committee to write a proposal. Also gone to an advisory committee is the Classis North proposal to send observers to the ICRC. We’ve also had discussions on advisory committee proposals on theological training and these have gone back to the committee for refinement. We did finalize a decision on the RCNZ. As one might expect, synod decided to continue our relationship with the Reformed Churches of New Zealand. Synod also decided to follow a noteworthy Deputies’ recommendation: “There is no need to repeat the specific mandates to continue to monitor the RCNZ’s relationship of ecumenical fellowship with the CRCA [Christian Reformed Churches of Australia] and continue to encourage the RCNZ to be diligent in their approach to theological education…”

At this point, I’m not sure what will be on the docket for this evening. It depends on what comes out of the committee meetings still to be held this afternoon.