The past year was notable for the decision of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (RCN) to open all the offices to women — and then the aftermath, especially at the International Conference of Reformed Churches.  I blogged several times about this and, not surprisingly, half of the top ten posts of the past year were related to this topic.

Here are the past year’s top ten on Yinkahdinay:

  1.  Stage Fright — dancing at Redeemer PCA in New York and the history of the stage in church architecture
  2. RCN Suspended from ICRC
  3. Calvin: Ministers Ought Not to Steal — how ministers can break the Eighth Commandment
  4. OPC Proposal at ICRC — the OPC led the way in the suspension of the RCN
  5. The ESV Study Bible vs. the Reformation Study Bible:  A Comparison
  6. How the Mighty Have Fallen — reflection on the RCN’s decision regarding women in office
  7. Pastoral Q & A:  Labour Unions — can a Christian join a union?
  8. A Missiological Reflection on the RCN and Women in Office
  9. The Reformation and Psalm-Singing — the most popular post commemorating the 5ooth birthday of the Reformation
  10. RCN in ICRC: Should They Stay or Should They Go?