This week we have been following the discussion in the Netherlands about a recent Classis Groningen in the Reformed Churches (Liberated).  For those just joining, the story starts here.  Rev. Sjaak De Boer then wrote this letter to Nederlands Dagblad.  Today, retired RCN pastor Rev. H.G. Gunnink weighs in with a letter to ND.  You can find the Dutch original here.  This is my translation:

How can Sjaak de Boer send a letter to the editor on behalf of the moderamen of Classis Groningen, when, according to Reformed church polity, after the conclusion of the meeting this body no longer exists?

His explanation of the decision of the classis appears untenable to me. And the rendering in the June 6 Nederlands Dagblad seems to me to be correct. The classis press release states, “The church at Zuidwolde asks whether we as classis must not speak more firmly against admitting cohabiting gay couples to the Lord’s Supper.  It is decided not to do this.” Thus the classis did not speak more firmly for maintaining the holiness of the Lord’s Supper and, given the known practice, the classis thereby allows the sinful practice to continue.

When a classis that calls itself Reformed does not take a clear stand against living in sin, with consequences for admission to the Lord’s Supper – that is deformation.