S. De Boer’s Letter to the Editor of Nederlands Dagblad

16 June 2015 by Wes Bredenhof

In connection with yesterday’s post about homosexual relationships in the RCN, a friend on Facebook drew my attention to this letter to the editor from Rev. S. De Boer.  He is a minister of the RCN at Haren, and was one of the moderamen of Classis Groningen of April 30, 2015.  The letter states:

Classis discussed this topic several times, without taking an official decision. Such a decision would readily function as an official statement of doctrine.

The ‘room’ mentioned in the news item deserves the following correction: When a classis does not state that cohabiting gays or lesbians should automatically be suspended from the Lord’s Supper, that does not mean the classis stated they should not be suspended.  These are two different things.

Readers can judge this for themselves, but in the interests of fairness Rev. De Boer’s voice should be heard.