I’m reading Jean-Marc Berthoud’s little book on Pierre Viret.  It’s an exciting look at an often-neglected Reformer.  Viret was one of Guido de Bres’ theology teachers.  He was also one of Calvin’s best friends.  He was widely acknowledged as a gifted, winsome communicator.  Calvin wrote a preface to the 1544 edition of Viret’s Disputations chretiennes.  He said that in this book “the reader will both draw solid and excellent instruction and find good occasions for laughter.  For the subject matter is of itself hilarious and is here developed with such grace that it is impossible not to find the greatest pleasure in the reading of these dialogues” (22).  So much for the dour and serious Calvin!  His buddy Pierre could make him laugh.  Apparently someone is working on a translation so that we can all share the mirth.

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