The complete Acts are now available at the website.  Here are the highlights that I’ve selected from Tuesday May 25:

  • The Synod judged that the Board of Governors of our seminary erred when it appointed Dr. J. Maris as a temporary instructor in dogmatology.
  • Synod decided to bring the rules of capitalization in our Book of Praise in line with what we find in the NIV.  In other words, when referring to God, we will now find “he, him, his,” rather than “He, Him, His.”  Interesting fact on this point:  when Guido de Bres originally wrote the Belgic Confession, he didn’t capitalize divine pronouns.  No one has ever accused him of being disrespectful.  The same can be said for Zacharias Ursinus and Caspar Olevianus when it comes to the original Heidelberg Catechism.
  • Some musical and lyrical changes were made to a small number of our existing hymns
  • Several new hymns were approved, including Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands & the Gloria Patri
  • The Synod also decided that the Book of Praise Committee be mandated to recommend additional hymns for the churches
  • A provisional Book of Praise will be published which will include the revised Psalms and the new hymns.  The churches have been asked to test these songs and give feedback to the Book of Praise Committee.  It was explicitly decided that all these songs should be tested in the worship services.  There is no ambiguity this time around.

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