I’ve uploaded my recent articles on psalm-singing in Reformed churches.  Look to the right under “Articles” or just click here for a direct link.

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  1. blenzner says:

    I think you may have meant “look to the right.” =)

  2. Edgar Ibarra says:

    Rev. Bredenhof,

    I am very unfamiliar with the CanRC. What is your denomination’s position in regards to Exclusive Psalmody & holy days? What is your personal position? I am a “new” visitor to your blog and am impressed with some of what you have written. Thank you!

    • Hi Edgar,

      The CanRC position on those things is found in our Church Order:

      Article 53 Days of Commemoration

      Each year the churches shall, in the manner decided upon by the consistory, commemorate the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as his outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

      Article 55 Psalms and Hymns

      The metrical Psalms adopted by general synod as well as the Hymns approved by general synod shall be sung in the worship services.


      I’ve signed on to that as a CanRC minister. The URCNA Church Order is similar, except that it allows consistories to select the psalms and hymns for each individual church.

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