Acts of Synod of Dort
Acts of Synod of Dort

I was reading through the Acts of the Synod of Dort 1618-19 this afternoon and came across a few interesting things.  One of them has to do with catechetical instruction.  Early on at the synod, there was a significant discussion held on the best way to catechize the youth and others in the Reformed churches in the Netherlands.  Advice was requested from the foreign delegates and many of them obliged.  It’s interesting that a number of these foreign delegations wrote about the importance of involving parents in catechesis.  For instance, the theologians of Hesse wrote, “We reckon and judge that this work of teaching catechism to the youth belongs to the Ministers of the Word of God, the teachers in the school, and finally the parents.”  Parents who were nonchalant about that work were to be admonished by the consistory to diligently and faithfully teach the catechism to their children and families.  Similarly, the theologians of Bremen advised the synod that they recognized three sorts of catechesis:  scholastic (i.e., in the schools), ecclesiastical, and domestic.  Parents, especially fathers, bore responsibility for domestic catechesis.

On Friday November 30, 1618 in its morning session, the Synod of Dort issued its decree on the manner of catechesis.  Dort followed Bremen’s division of catechetical duties.  The work of parents, however, was put up front.  According to Dort, it is the work of parents to instruct their children and the whole family with all diligence in the elements of Christian religion.  With an eye to each one’s capacity, parents are to seriously and diligently exhort their families in the fear of God and sincere piety.  They are to discuss the sermons and especially the teaching of the Catechism.  They are to read the Scriptures and explain them.  If parents were not faithful in these duties, they were to be admonished by the pastors, and if necessary reprimanded and censured by the consistory.

It’s unfortunate that parental or domestic catechesis has been lost in so many places.  It’s regrettable that many Reformed parents today expect the church to do virtually everything when it comes to the catechesis of covenant youth.  The first responsibility lies with parents.  Dort was right.

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  3. Baus says:

    Yes, as a parentally-catechized presbyterian, I was shocked when I first met Dutch Reformed kids (from the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the Netherlands) who all said they never were taught catechism at home!

  4. westportexperiment says:

    Excellent. Isn’t the priotiy on parental catechizing only in keeping with the imperative of Deuteronomy 6?

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