What’s in Get to Know the Holy Spirit?

29 May 2024 by Wes Bredenhof

My new book is now available. In North America, you can purchase it directly from the publisher here. If you’re in Australia, it’s available online from Pro Ecclesia bookshop here.

Before I wrote Get to Know the Holy Spirit, I asked those who follow my Facebook author page for some questions they’d like to see answered in such a book.  Many responded.  I noted all the questions and tried to work them in.  Here’s a list of some of the questions you’ll find answered:

  • How did the Holy Spirit work differently in the Old Testament versus the New Testament?
  • What does it mean in 1 Samuel 6:14 that the Spirit of the LORD departed from King Saul?
  • Why did the Spirit choose to be represented by a dove or a fire or tongues of fire? 
  • What is the sin against the Holy Spirit or blaspheming the Holy Spirit? 
  • What should we think about stories of miraculous healing today? 
  • May we call on the Holy Spirit in song and prayer?
  • Why does the Nicene Creed call him “the Lord and Giver of life”?
  • Does the Holy Spirit give continuing revelation today?
  • How can you know if the Holy Spirit has given you the new birth?
  • Do baptized covenant children also need regeneration by the Holy Spirit?
  • Is there a difference between the speaking in tongues in the Bible and Pentecostal speaking in tongues today?
  • What’s the significance of Pentecost for missions?