This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

The Law/Gospel Distinction and the Heidelberg Catechism

This distinction was embraced by the authors of the Heidelberg Catechism and it’s found in the Catechism. It’s part of our Reformed confessional heritage.

Where Have All The Theologians Gone?

I have wondered the same as Mark Jones, especially in my own ecclesiastical backyard.

Q&A with Tim Challies: Wisdom to Bolster Writers

I’ve read Tim’s blog for longer than anyone else’s (maybe since 2003-2004). His writing, and his tips for writing, have always been helpful. I look forward to seeing Tim here in Tasmania for a conference we’re organizing from October 5-7 (see the Grace and Truth Conference Facebook page for more info).

Truth Demands Truth—The History Behind The History Of Tim Keller: A Review Essay (Part 2)

According to Darryl Hart, Keller was “a pastor who read a lot, wrote a lot, and imagined on a metropolitan scale, but did so as a well-funded independent contractor. If Keller had done all that within the bounds and ties of a Presbyterian denomination, his influence and legacy would not be as big, but likely much more coherent.”

Canadian woman offered euthanasia as a “treatment option” during a mental health crisis

This is dreadful. Instead of helping a suicidal person get better, they want to help them kill themselves. Dreadful. Wicked. Their consciences must be seared.


Guido de Bres and His Belief in Purgatory

Yes, the author of the Belgic Confession believed in purgatory. But not Roman style.