This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

Is It a Waste of Time for Seminary Students (and Pastors) to Learn the Biblical Languages?

This is one of the things I’m most thankful for in my seminary training. By the time I graduated with my M.Div., I’d studied both Greek and Hebrew for six years. I still use them all the time.

UBC professor advocates exposing “little children” to adult genitalia to prepare them for transsexuals in their locker rooms

This is both nauseating and wicked. It’s nothing less than suggesting child abuse.

Truth Demands Truth—The History Behind The History Of Tim Keller: A Review Essay (Part 1)

Darryl Hart writes about Collin Hansen’s new book on Tim Keller. He’s knows the circles Keller ran in — that helps him bring a different perspective on the book.

Standing Bewildered in the Presence of Jesus (Machen)

J. Gresham Machen: “So the age-long bewilderment of unsaved men in the presence of Jesus still goes on. Jesus will not let men go. They will not accept his stupendous claims; they will not accept him as their Savior. But he continues to intrigue and baffle them. He refuses to be pushed into their little molds. They stand bewildered in his presence.”


In the past week, I also shared this video of our worship service from last Sunday. I preached on 1 Peter 3:1-7, about marriage and the roles of husbands and wives. What does it mean for wives to submit to their own husbands? What does it mean for husbands to be considerate and respectful towards their wives? What about abusive situations? The sermon itself starts at 30:40.

If you would prefer to read it, you can find the sermon notes here.