This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

In the Beginning Were Words

I can’t imagine a life without books, a life without reading. Unfortunately, many today are quite content to leave books behind when they leave school. Especially if you’re a Christian, this is a problem.

Pornography is conditioning young men to think hurting a woman during sex is normal

Wicked: “Pornography is normalizing, romanticizing, and mainstreaming sexual assault.” And don’t kid yourself: it’s happening in our churches too.

The Class of 2003: An Interview with Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, and Jared Wilson

I enjoyed reading this interview with three blogging pioneers — and yes, I think blogs will still be around for a while. You’re reading this, so I hope you think so too!

No appeal in Hordyk religious freedom case

More good news in this important case here in Australia involving a couple from the Free Reformed Churches.

Laughable list misleads on Indigenous representation

Here in Australia, there’s debate firing up about a proposal to add an Indigenous “Voice to Parliament.” Yep, this list is definitely laughable. Still not sure what I think about the Voice to Parliament, but I do think that people should get their facts straight. Like: Koori Maternity Services does the same thing that the proposed Voice would do? And the Assembly of First Nations (from Canada!) does the same thing that the proposed Voice would do? Give me a break. The end never justifies the means. Tell the truth.

Two Types of Language Learners

I’ve always thought of it in terms of deductive vs. inductive. When I studied Hebrew in university, the prof used a very inductive/intuitive approach. I loved it. When I began studying Hebrew in seminary, our prof was completely on the opposite end. It was a huge adjustment. I learned to pray as much as I learned Hebrew.


Prioritizing the Psalms — How?

Many Reformed believers want the psalms prioritized in worship. Good! However, it’s not a simple matter of the number of psalms vs. the number of hymns in a given order of worship.