Top Ten Posts of 2022

29 December 2022 by Wes Bredenhof

We’re coming to the end of another year, so it’s traditional to give the run down of what was popular on the blog.

1. The Protests Which Divided Reformed Churches

Illegal protests in the streets? Nothing new under the sun.

2. Reformed = Anti-Revolutionary

What can we learn from Guido de Brès about the Christian’s relationship to a government with which he/she disagrees? This post includes a couple of newly translated paragraphs from a book by Guido de Brès, La racine.

3. Pastoral Q & A: Are More Prayers More Effective?

Does the Bible say anything about this question?

4. When You’re Up to Your Neck in Mud — Sing!

Some wisdom from a former US Navy SEAL.

5. More on Projectors in Worship

For some believers, projectors/screens in church buildings (for the worship services) are no-brainers. At our church, we use the screen as a digital liturgy board, but nothing more. Others use it for projecting songs, Bible readings, etc. I think that deserves second thought. So does Frank Ezinga.

6. Leaders are Deep Readers

I read Henry Kissinger’s latest on leadership this past year. This was a tidbit I gleaned from him.

7. What I Won’t Tell You If You’re Depressed

Depression is something I’m too familiar with. Here are some things not to say when you meet someone suffering in this way.

8. Letter to a Young Convert

At our church (as at many other Reformed churches) we give a book as a gift to those making a public profession of faith. I’ve started including this beautiful bit of advice from John Bonar.

9. Two Medieval Misconceptions

What were Catholic churches like before the Reformation? How often did the laity participate in communion?

10. Blind Alec and His Amazing Memory

A story about an amazing child of God — and how Christians can be brutal and uncharitable.