I’ve just got a quick note for you on this massive volume.  This book is a beast.  It’s a multi-author Reformed covenant theology extravaganza.  All of the authors either are or have been associated with Reformed Theological Seminary. 

It has 27 essays on different facets of covenant theology.  Part 1 deals with Biblical Covenants, part 2 with Historical Theology, and part 3 with Collateral and Theological Studies.  It includes “An Annotated Bibliography of Reformed Reflection on the Covenant” as an appendix. 

Some of the highlights for me:

  • J. Nicholas Reid provides one of the best discussions I’ve read about working with the Ancient Near Eastern background in chapter 21.
  • Several of the authors provide helpful insights into the nature of covenant conditions, both with the Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace
  • The first three chapters are solid introductions to the biblical basis for the Covenant of Redemption and Covenant of Works
  • J. Nicholas Reid’s essay on The Mosaic Covenant and Guy Prentiss Waters’ essay on Covenant in Paul really helped clarify my thinking on the nature of the Mosaic Covenant and how it exists as an administration of the one Covenant of Grace.
  • Scott Swain explains New Covenant Theologies in chapter 26.  I’d heard about NCT before, but have never looked at it.  NCT proponents reject the traditional division of the law into moral, civil, and ceremonial laws.  They also reject the Ten Commandments as being an expression of God’s unchanging moral law for all people. 

This is no light reading.  But if you want swim in the deep end of covenant theology for 600+ pages, this is your book.  If you’re looking for a simple introduction, I can suggest something else.