This past week I shared the following links on social media and they’re worth sharing here too:

Breaking News: Christian School Caught Teaching Biblical Truth

If your local Christian school were accused of teaching biblical truth, would it be found guilty?

Before You Pack Up and Leave

Tim Challies has some sage advice for those thinking of leaving their church.

3 Ways Reading the Puritans Will Help You Thrive

I’m a big fan of the Puritans. I’ve received so much comfort and encouragement from reading them.

The Stephen Colbert of Punctuation

This looks good. I love these kind of books. I’ve just ordered it. I have Andy’s book and it’s really good too.

The CRC’s valiant stand and Calvin’s moment of truth

In 1972 (!), Stromata, the publication of Calvin Seminary students, published an article defending homosexuality. It’s not a recent issue. Personally I doubt Calvin will fall in line and I wonder whether the CRCNA will have the courage to do anything about it. As Mohler pointed out in a recent episode of The Briefing, the same hermeneutic that promotes women in office promotes a place for practicting homosexuals in the church.

A historic day: Roe is dead, and millions will live

The week ended on a historic note with the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Something for which to praise God!