Top Ten Posts of 2021

25 December 2021 by Wes Bredenhof

We’re coming to the end of another year, so it’s traditional to give the run down of what was popular on the blog. This year I’m going to mention only the posts that were actually written in 2021.

1. Do God and Satan Still Speak Together About Believers?

This blog post grew out of a sermon from a series I did on Job earlier in the year. In the book of Job there are conversations between God and Satan. Someone in my church asked me whether that still might happen today. This is my answer.

2. Letter to the Editor

In the year gone by, I’ve had a couple of run-ins with the local media over the push for conversion therapy legislation in the state of Tasmania. This was the second letter to the editor that I submitted in 2021.

3. Grounds for Divorce

I’ve come to the conviction that abuse is a legitimate, biblical ground for divorce.

4. CanRC Book of Praise Changes Proposed

I maintain an active interest in the Canadian Reformed Churches. There are proposed changes to the Book of Praise coming to the CanRC synod scheduled for next year. In this post I survey and evaluate some of those changes.

5. Letter to the Editor

This was the first letter I submitted to the Launceston Examiner in 2021 on the issue of conversion therapy legislation.

6. I Recommend

This is a feature I try to include every week. This particular one was extra popular for some reason. It might be the links about COVID vaccines?

7. The Unbiblical – and Common!! – Way to Handle Reports of Abuse in the Church

Abuse has too often been swept under the rug. We have to take this problem seriously in our churches.

8. You Say You Want a Revolution?

The ongoing pandemic and associated government measures have led some to talk of tyranny and revolution. This isn’t an option for Bible-believing Christians.

9. Herman Bavinck on Women in the Church

Here’s an orthodox confessionally Reformed theologian who died 100 years ago (in 1921) who believed that all communicant members should be able to vote for office bearers.

10. Rod Dreher — Orthodox and Not

There was a lot of hype around Dreher’s book Live Not By Lies. While there are some worthwhile insights, to me it doesn’t live up to its billing as “A Manual For Christian Dissidents.”

And with that, I’m taking my summer vacation beginning next week and so I’ll be taking my usual break from blogging. Hope to see you here again in February!