This past week, I shared the following links on social media. As you’ll notice two of them have to do with the recent passing of conversion therapy legislation in the Canadian parliament. It was a sad turn of events, most of all because the official opposition didn’t do any opposing. In fact, they led the charge. When it quickly passed in the House of Commons, Christian MPs in the Conservative Party were reportedly caught off-guard.

Erin O’Toole is turning the Conservative Party into an enforcer of the sexual revolution–against parents and pastors

This: “He should have stayed in the military, where other people tell you who the enemy is, and when to stand and fight.”

Religious Discrimination Bill Survey

For those of you in Australia, here’s a link to an online survey from one of the parliamentary committees studying the Religious Discrimination Bill. It’s 10 questions. You can just answer “Yes” or “No,” but it will be more helpful if you can explain why/why not. The deadline is December 21.

Chief Concern With Conversion Therapy Law

“Drawing on history and imaginationAndré Schutten “interviews” former Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker about Conservative Party failure to properly oppose the new legislation.”  

Church Cares

In her book Is it Abuse?, Darby Strickland recommends this online training course for churches. It looks really good.