I’m in Albany, Western Australia for the synod of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia. Synod opened last night with a prayer service led by Rev. H. Alkema. The moderamen was elected as follows:

Chairman — Rev. H. Alkema

Vice-chairman — Rev. R. Bredenhof

First clerk — Elder B. Veenendaal

Second clerk — Rev. W. Bredenhof

Last night no further business was conducted. This morning we reconvened and a couple of decisions were made regarding some of the logistics of the assembly. One decision was to have the evening sessions live-streamed for FRCA members and delegates from foreign sister-churches. Another decision dealt with an overture from one of the churches regarding how the last synod failed to interact (in the Acts) with concerns expressed. Synod 2021 took note, but also said that the church concerned should make a proposal to change the Rules of Synod if they would like to have synods interact with concerns as a matter of course.

Synod continues this afternoon.