This past week, I shared the following links on social media and I think they’re worth sharing here too:

I Can’t Read

My cousin Scott is serving as a missionary in Mexico. This is a great little story about the work he and his Annemarie are doing there for the gospel.

The dark, enduring legacy of Friends

Jonathon Van Maren looks at this awful show. I watched a lot of TV back in the day, but I never watched this. Apparently I didn’t miss out.

The Different Arabic Versions of the Qur’an

Has a Muslim ever told you that all the Qur’ans in the world are exactly identical? Not so. Samuel Green explains.

Simple But Useful Tips for Pastors to Make Good First Impressions with Church Guests

Pastors are on the front-line and we don’t get an second opportunity to make a good impression. If you’re a pastor and want to be leading the way in welcoming, read this.

8 Ways to Help a Friend When You Suspect Domestic Abuse

Darby Strickland: “It’s hard to speak into a friend’s life when you’re uncertain about a situation. To complicate matters, domestic abuse often means there’s danger. The situations are challenging. Walking with these tender souls takes patience and gentle persistence.”

Kellogg’s New LGBTQ+”Together” Cereal, Kids, and a Letter on Sexuality. . .

Everybody has to get on the rainbow bandwagon, even breakfast cereals. All to get our kids on the bandwagon.

Social media promises equality and diversity – except for Christians

Our days on social media may be numbered. In the meantime, I’ll make the most of it. You should too.