I’ve just added a resource entitled “A Basic Christian Vocabulary.”  I use this with my pre-confession students to ensure that they’re adequately familiar with the important terms of the Christian faith.  I should say that it has been revised and adapted from the work of someone else.  However, I don’t know who, so I can’t give the appropriate credit.  If someone out there knows, I will leave the comments open on this post.  It was originally published as “Appendix II” in a book, if that helps.

3 responses to “New Teaching Tool Added”

  1. Adrian Koster says:

    Thanks again for all the up dates Rev Bredenhof .

  2. tamsteacup says:

    Good morning rev Wes Bredenhof,

    How is beautiful Tasmania ?

    Did you include the old chestnut word “midst” ? Oh how I dislike the word .. Is it a Dutch word ?



    Tamara Allingham


    • Tasmania is fantastic, as always!

      No, I didn’t include “midst.” As far as I know, it’s a good old-fashioned English word. It’s one of those few words that is actually completely English. It developed from the Middle English word “middes.”

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