Regular readers will have noticed a couple of news items over the last week from the Free Reformed Churches of Australia.  Let me briefly provide some background.  The FRCA do have a federational website, however, at this point in time, news items don’t appear there.  Perhaps some day someone will propose that they do, but for now, it’s not done.  In the meantime, I’ll post items here, at least items I hear about.  I assure you that I’ll only post items when there’s some sort of official confirmation.  So, for example, the news item regarding the call to Rev. A. Witten came by way of an official e-mail from the calling church.  The latest news item regarding the decline of the call to Cairns by Cand. Randall Visscher came by way of the official Canadian Reformed website and their news feed.  So, I won’t be posting items based solely on word of mouth.  Experience has shown that doing that can lead to some embarrassing situations!