Synod Carman 2013 (2)

9 May 2013 by Wes Bredenhof

The Acts from yesterday were uploaded earlier today.  A few highlights that I can mention:

The Synod dealt with several appeals by individuals.  They were all declared inadmissible for varying reasons.

The Synod also dealt with an overture from an individual that had been forwarded by a church.  This overture (from E. Van Woudenberg of Chilliwack) was with regard to the casting of lots in the choosing of office bearers.  The Synod declared this overture inadmissible since it came on the table from an individual, not from a church.  Basically, this means that churches cannot simply forward overtures from individuals.

An overture was received from Regional Synod West concerning the manner in which decisions are formatted in the acts of our synods.  The overture proposed a shift to a “material, decision, grounds” format.  Synod decided not to adopt this overture.  The brothers were not persuaded that the existing format (observations, considerations, recommendations) is broken.

Finally, the Synod also dealt with our relationship with the Reformed Church of Quebec (ERQ).  Not surprisingly, our relationship will continue under the adopted rules, though Synod did encourage our committee (CCCNA) to pay special attention to supervision of the pulpit, admission to the Lord’s Supper, and the ordination of women deacons.  This was in response to concerns expressed by some churches.