What They’re Saying About The Gospel Under the Northern Lights

17 January 2012 by Wes Bredenhof

The Gospel Under the Northern Lights is a missionary memoir.  It describes our family’s experiences in north-central British Columbia while labouring for the gospel in the little village of Fort Babine.  Right now (until January 20) you can get 20% off the retail price by using the code PRICETHAW.  Order it here.  Here are some comments from people who’ve read it:

“Couldn’t put it down! Not quite done…another late night tonight! Thank-you, it is very enjoyable and interesting.”  JVB, Hamilton, ON

“It is a fantastic book! I couldn’t put it down even when I was supposed to be cooking and cleaning. It shows very clearly the joys and sorrows, struggles and triumphs that go along with mission work. A must read for everyone!”  JDR, Neerlandia, AB

“…this is a very worthwhile book. Pleasant to read as it reads like a story, but so much learning to be gained from it as well! You will not be disappointed!”  CH, Hamilton, ON

“…an excellent read. I spent every spare moment this weekend reading it. What a story!”  MS, Neerlandia, AB