Progress continues to be made on my new book.  I’ve got some momentum and two chapters now finished (at least in draft form).  One unusual thing that I’ve included in chapter 3 is a recipe.  While in Fort Babine, we were experimenting with all sorts of new ways to prepare salmon and trout.  Besides smoking, there was also pickling.  This is one of my favourite recipes.  Try it for yourself and I think you’ll agree that this is one of the finest ways to enjoy especially rainbow trout or steelhead:


Approximately 2 lbs of fish is required.  Rainbow trout works very well – it must be filleted, though with trout it’s not necessary to skin it.  The skin is much like the skin of herring.  Salmon should be skinned.

  1. Cut up the fillets into bite size pieces.
  2. Dip the pieces in milk and then dust with flour.
  3. Pan fry the fish until just light brown.  The best oil for this is olive oil.
  4. Remove the fried pieces, drain and cool.  Set aside.
  5. Sautee one medium onion in 1 tsp of vegetable oil until just tender.
  6. Add one cup of wine vinegar and 2 tsp. sambal oelek, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, ¼ tsp. of cumin, 2 tbs. of parsley, and ½ tsp. of coriander seed.
  7. Simmer the sauce for 30 minutes.
  8. Arrange the fried fish pieces in a deep dish (ceramic or glass)
  9. Cover the fish with the hot sauce.
  10. Place in the refigerator overnight or longer.  For optimum flavour 2-3 days is best.  It will last up to 3 weeks in the fridge.
  11. May be eaten as is or served on a bed of lettuce garnished with any or all of the following:  ripe olives, green onions (long shreds), lemon or lime quarters.

Good stuff!

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