There are many good things about Canada, but the CRTC is not one of them.  The Canadian Radio and Television Commission is one of the reasons why Canada has very little in the way of Christian radio stations.  Even if we were to have the door wide open, probably most of what we could get you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) want.  A few years back I began thinking that it would be great if we could have a Reformed radio station broadcasting over the Internet.  There’s certainly enough good programming out there to make it feasible.  All you need is someone with the drive to do it.  William Hill is our man, and he apparently has Todd Pedlar helping him.  Take that, CRTC.

So have a listen to Sola 5 radio.  There’s nowhere else where you can hear Genevan psalms (from the CanRC Book of Praise) followed by Indelible Grace or Sovereign Grace Music.  There’s nowhere else that you’ll hear Scripture readings, along with readings from Reformed confessions and devotional literature (like Valley of Vision).  You’ll get the White Horse Inn, Christ the Center, Office Hours, NT and OT sermons and much more!  The programming schedule is found here.  This is Christian radio the way that it should be.  I think that as the listener base develops, it’s going to be getting even better.

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  1. Todd Pedlar says:

    Thank you, Wes, for your mention on your blog. We are very pleased to be able to bring Sola5 back for good after an early experiment we worked with earlier this year. We certainly saw this as a need for Reformed Christians scattered far and wide – and hope that the word gets out for those who are looking for edifying and encouraging music and teaching to listen to at any time of day.

    Yours in Christ’s Service,

    Todd Pedlar (for Sola5 Radio)

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