I love Ontario for its thunderstorms.  The Lower Mainland of British Columbia only rarely had thunderstorms and then usually they were pathetic unimpressive events.  Here we get some real storms, sometimes with some very dangerous results.  But they always leave you in awe of the Creator.  I’m not sure if Geneva is more like Ontario or BC, but apparently John Calvin knew a thing or two about violent thunderstorms.  Herman Selderhuis explains:

Calvin repeatedly speaks about God’s revelation in thunderstorms.  The power of God is revealed through the vehemence of such natural phenomena like violent and stormy weather.  When we cannot see God’s face, his presence becomes very clear in the thunder of stormy weather.  To shake believers awake and to let hardened unbelievers hear his voice, God from time to time will let the weather rage in order to impress all people.  Calvin’s Theology of the Psalms, 71-72.

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  1. CanadianWeatherman says:

    Don’t normally write on blogs, I just read and skim them. I just couldn’t resist commenting on this one topic. Been in Prince George for the last two summers I am not impress with these popcorn type thunderstorm here in BC. Spent 18 years in Ontario and if there is one thing I miss the most is those big thunderstorms. As for Geneva being that it is in the Alps the storms would not have been as big as the ones found in Ontario and the Prairies, but due to the mountains they would have been still impressive. Imagine if Calvin and even Luther where awestruck with these European storms. Imagine the awe, fear and reverence it would of invoked if they would of experience one of these big North American storms. God is indeed mighty and to be respected. Enjoy your site. Blessing to you.

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