This edition of the Heidelcast is worth a listen.  Though I’ve never (yet) met him, Van Til has been the writer/theologian who has influenced me most.  Reading Defence of the Faith as an undergrad was earth-shaking.  By the way, Muether’s book is excellent.

2 responses to “Muether on Van Til”

  1. Tom says:

    I was thinking this afternoon that I ought to read this one

  2. Sean Gerety says:

    You should also read Can the OPC be Saved? In it you will find some pointed criticisms of Muether’s purported history of the Clark/Van Til controversy that he discusses both in his book and in his interview with Scott Clark. Interestingly, when I posted just one of the charges raised in the linked booklet against Muether’s claims Scott Clark immediately deleted my post and banned me from posting on his blog. Seems to me that these men have something to hide. Real champions of the truth.

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