The other day I was attending a book discussion group of some Reformed ministers from southern Ontario.  One of the older colleagues there mentioned a two-volume work on the Heidelberg Catechism by Louis Praamsma.  I’d never heard of it before.  I asked about the publisher and it was Paideia.  That was good news because everything Paideia has ever published (plus a lot of stuff that they distributed) is available online here.  Louis Praamsma’s Before the Face of God is there too.  I’ve just glanced through it and it looks helpful.  Here are the direct links if you’re interested:

Praamsma, L. Before the Face of God I-XXIV
PDF (pdf file 6 meg)

Praamsma, L. Before the Face of God XXV-LII
PDF (pdf file 7 meg)

5 responses to “Praamsma — Before the Face of God”

  1. Tom Skerritt says:

    I used this book when I was teaching catechism. Most of the time I found it hard to use…too much time figuring out what Praasma was saying as opposed to the catechism. The current teacher has scrapped the book, so I’m told.

    • Yes, I’m not sure I would use it for teaching catechism classes. But it looks like there might be some helpful things for preaching the catechism, especially the way he begins each chapter.,

  2. sietze praamsma says:

    Is this the translation of “Het dwaze God’s”?

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