You need to read this piece by Al Mohler on how theological liberalism takes hold. Two paragraphs that caught my attention:

Theological liberals do not intend to destroy Christianity, but to save it. As a matter of fact, theological liberalism is motivated by what might be described as an apologetic motivation. The pattern of theological liberalism is all too clear. Theological liberals are absolutely certain that Christianity must be saved…from itself.

…If so, this generation of evangelicals will face no shortage of embarrassments. The current intellectual context allows virtually no respect for Christian affirmations of the exclusivity of the gospel, the true nature of human sin, the Bible’s teachings regarding human sexuality, and any number of other doctrines revealed in the Bible. The lesson of theological liberalism is clear—embarrassment is the gateway drug for theological accommodation and denial.

While Mohler’s focus in that article is the doctrine of hell, the same could be said for what the Bible teaches about creation:  “Embarrassment is the gateway drug for theological accommodation and denial.”

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